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  • Do you sell Korfball baskets individually without equipment ?
    Due to the challenges of Brexit we do not currently stock Korfball baskets but it is now possible to arrange our manufacturer to ship baskets directly to customers in the UK via the Post NL service. Contact us for details
  • Do you sell single baskets, poles and bases ?
    Due to the cost of shipping by pallet we currently only ship our starter packs of 2 x basket, 2 x 4 piece competition pole and 2 x Competition base with balls when needed. Customers in the UK Korfball community often combine their orders to save on the shipping costs as it is possible to fit up to 6 single posts (Basket, Pole and Base) on a pallet. In such cases we are able to sell single piece of equipment and baskets.
  • Do you sell any other Korfballs other than the Mikasa brand ?
    We currently only stock the Mikasa K-IKF Korfballs and we are able to sourcer the Erima Equal Pro Korfball which is the official ball of the Netherlands Korfball League Contact us for more details
  • How much Korfball equipment can a single pallet hold
    A regular pallet can hold up to 6 baskets, 4 piece poles and bases. A larger pallet is available for larger orders.
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